5 Most Selling Google Accessories in Bangladesh

Welcome to today’s blog, today we will discuss some of the accessories that are most popular among you at the moment. And I will discuss where you can buy these products at the lowest price.

So every day we update this kind of content on our website, you must visit our website to get it regularly. 5 popular mobile accessories are mentioned below:

1. Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

Though it has improved hardware that enables 4K resolution streaming and high dynamic range (HDR) via the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, Chromecast Ultra shares a similar design with the second-generation model. (1080p is the highest resolution available for the “Ambient” screensaver features.)

2. Google 30W USB-C Charger

Google 30W USB-C Charger

Compared to the previous generation 18 W USB-C charger, the charger can provide USB-C devices with up to 66%1 more power. Charge while you’re out. Charge any third-party USB-C device as well as all of your Google gadgets. Receive updates, deals, surveys, emails with personalization, and cart reminders from the Google Store.

3. Google Type-C to Type-C 30w Data Cable

Google Type-C to Type-C 30w Data Cable

Features a smooth power delivery system with a power output of up to 3 Amp; compatible with any USB-C charger or device; Because it is sufficiently light to handle, it is easy to store and travel with; Suitable for any Google device with a USB-C connector for input.

4. Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

With its countless amazing features, Google Home Mini improves the quality of your life. This small, reasonably priced smart speaker lets you play your favorite music, access Google search, and manage your smart home.

5. Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable – 1m

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable – 1m

With just one adapter, you can effortlessly deliver three essential functions – charging, data, and audio – to an iPhone or iPad that supports USB-C: by connecting your Lightning accessories to an iPhone or iPad. For increased longevity, this adapter features a braided cable.

Final Word

The above accessories are currently available at Farazi Technology at a special price. But these products are always changing because Google makes the best user-friendly accessories for its users every year. So Google will make accessories of better quality for its users, in that case, the rankings of these products may be down.

So it can be said that before buying accessories always check the market and get updates about their accessories on Google’s official website.

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