When iPhone is at a Prices Drop 2019

When iPhone is at a Prices Drop 2019.Looks like the price of the iPhone in the market? Technology analyst Ming-Si Kuo gives good news for Apple lovers. He says the US tech product maker is likely to launch affordable iPhone SE2 models in the first quarter of next year.

When iPhone is at a Prices Drop 2019

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Si Kuo has been known for making accurate predictions about Apple products at different times. It might look like the iPhone 5 that came on the market in the 21st. Although cheaper in price, it will have the same benefits as the current iPhone 4. It will be used on the iPhone 4’s A3 chip. There will be three GB RAM.

The screen size of the new iPhone can be 5.5 inches. The face ID will be replaced by the Touch ID.

The previous US $ 5 iPhone SE screen was four inches. The price of the new model iPhone is expected to be under $ 5. However, Apple has not officially reported the matter.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, 5 Pro and 5 Pro Macs at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cooperstino, USA on September 7. Paul has been pushing the prices of smartphones a little lower this time. The price of the iPhone 5 starts at US $ 5. The price of the Pro is 5 US $. The iPhone 5 Pro Max will be available for $ 8,000.

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